Plan it, Build it, Deliver it.

At LMG General Contractors, we develop, construct, and maintain inspired landmarks
that transform our clients’ aspirations into reality.




Every great landmark starts with a vision. 

At LMG GC, we bring our clients’ visions to life with a comprehensive approach that begins with innovative planning and continues throughout the entire lifespan of the property. Our expert teams in development, construction, and facility services ensure that every project aligns with our clients’ goals and objectives.

Before a single brick is laid, LMG GC’s development specialists pave a clear path to success with comprehensive services that range from feasibility assessments to financing, permitting, and beyond.

For more than 20 years, construction has been at the core of our business. We offer a full range of construction services, combining our proven process with the latest technology and world-class craftsmanship, to create landmark buildings for our clients.


Our Customers Are Our First Priority

LMG General Contractors is a general contracting and management firm with a focus on hospitality and multifamily construction. Established in 2004, we have fostered life-long relationships not only with our clients but also with architects, subcontractors, and the wider community we engage with daily. Our pride lies in delivering clients in the Houston, TX area superior services they can rely on. Our comprehensive suite of commercial building services is designed to cover all bases, ensuring your projects are met with success!


LMG General Contractors has evolved from a family of diligent individuals into a world-class builder. By exploring new markets and partnerships, investing in diversity within our communities, and creating fresh opportunities, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to serving our employees, neighbors, partners, and everyone who strives to construct a better future.

LMG GC is steadfast in continuing our legacy, not only through the brick-and-mortar landmarks we create but also through the integrity of our team members. Over the years, these core values have not only represented our company but have also embodied each individual who makes our projects a reality.


Adrian Ramirez, CCIM

Founder / CEO

Adrian Ramirez serves as the Chief Executive Officer of LMG General Contractors. With over two decades of expertise in the commercial construction sector, his in-depth knowledge, combined with a substantial financial background, gives him a comprehensive understanding of the real estate development landscape.

Ricardo Ramirez

Chief Operations Officer

With more than three decades in the construction industry, Ricardo has managed projects across Texas in the Multifamily, Commercial, and Federal Government sectors.

Ricardo’s extensive experience spans the design and construction of hotels, multifamily complexes, mixed-use residential projects, as well as mid-rise and high-rise office buildings, headquarters facilities, hospitals, surgery centers, and medical facilities.

For the past 30 years, Ricardo Ramirez has been a driving force in promoting a safety culture at LMG General Contractors. His “Lead by Example” approach has established him as a go-to source for guidance.

The integrity and respect that Ricardo shows for his work are evident. He consistently dedicates time to educate and support team members, both on and off the field. His ability to remain calm and focused, even in the most stressful situations, makes him an exceptional role model.

Angelea Desse


Oscar Martinez

Sr. Project Manager

Wade Brister